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We have Moved.  


We moved to a bigger workshop located at Unit 70, 37-47 Borec Rd Penrith.

Our ph number and email are still the same.


Latest Products


EFI / Mechanical Blend Systems

Our latest EFI design.

This system will allow you to achieve maximum horse power with your blown EFI engine.

By removing all the electronic components from inside the injector hat, there is no air flow restrictions.

The EFI injectors are mounted in this block which are still controlled by an ECU as normal. The fuel is metered and passed onto the mechanical components on the injector.

4 and 8 injector kits available for hat and port sequential systems.

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LS Water Port Fittings

These CNC machined fittings easily bolt to the block and let you connect your hoses for running a remote electric water pump. They have #12 0-ring style threads.

Ideal when running any type of front distributor or mechanical pump off the cam.


Float Switch


When running mechanical fuel injection you must run a surge tank to prime the mechanical fuel pump.

Fuel supply to this tank is usually from an electric pump from the rear main tank.

There are many ways to control the excess fuel delivered to the surge tank.

We preferr to use this stainless steel float switch which turns the feed pump off when the tank is full and restarts when the level drops.

Allowing the surge tank to be well ventilated to eliminate any suction to the mechanical pump.

Return lines back to the main tank work but can have issues.

This also reduces the run time of the electric pump.



LS Internal Crank Support

LS Billet timing covers with built in crank support.

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BAU Rapta Catcha

This nylon scoop easily attaches to the 5"and 5-9/16" BAU injectors, comes with bolts required.

Weight: 1.5kg (3.3lbs) Nylon.

              3.42kg (7.5lbs)Aluminium.



Now availble in billet aluminium.


  LS Mag and Mech pump drive


Billet LS Timing cover which allows cam drive for fuel pump and or magneto.

Built in crank supports now available.

Also available for raised cam.

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Injector Hat Filters


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Cable Drive Fuel Pumps

Joe Blo has become a dealer for Waterman Racing Fuel pump Cable drives.

These systems allow you to remotley mount your mechanical fuel pump anywhere in your car and run a heavy duty cable to drive it.

This is ideal when you dont have room for the pump or tanks in your engine bay.

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Carbon Fibre Drive Shafts


We are an authorised dealer for PST.

PST manufacture high quality drive shafts in carbon fibre, chrome moly and aluminium.

Drive shafts are quoted and custom made to order with a turn around time of 1-2 weeks from order to delivery to your door.

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Joe Blo Speed Shop is now an authorised dealer for Summers Brothers Racing.

Specializing in SB & BB Chev timing covers, gear drives, mag drives and lots more.

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Joe Blo Speed Shop is now an Authorised dealer for Gorr fuel systems.

They manufacture carbon fibre injector hats. Available in a number of different combinations. Call for specs and prices.

Their extensive experience in mechanical fuel system,  flow testing and tune ups are available to help you get your engine running at its optimum.

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Dealers for 2 of Australia best ECU companies. Call us to get the best advise for your set up.