Joe Blo Speed Shop


CNC Machining


With our CNC machine shop we can turn your ideas into a reality. From design right through to machining, polishing and anodising we can look after the whole process.


We have helped make some of Australia's best race and show cars what they are.


We have an understanding for what you require as we too have your passion.


Through our experiences we know what is needed to make each component work. Making sure it will be strong enough to do the job but also be light and good looking.


Confidentiality is always applied to ├Âur customers jobs. As with all racers and show enthusiasts,you don't want your opposition knowing your next trick.


If you have design capabilities and software, we can generally use your 3D modelling and generate toolpaths/programs directly from them, saving you money.


CNC billet port runners.

  BBC manifold.

Beginnings of a blower case.

Finished blower case.





















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