Joe Blo Speed Shop can supply all your blower needs.



We stock a full range of pullies and belts

Blower Drive Kits

LS Series.

Snout with coupler, pulley spacer, top and bottom 8mm pulleys, idler pulley, idler swing arm, 8mm rubber blower belt, high performance dual keyway balancer, balancer to pulley adaptor. 


SB & BB Chev.

Snout with coupler, top and bottom 8mm pulleys, idler pulley, idler blower mounted bracket, 8mm rubber blower belt.


We know what components will work for your build, from crank hub or balancer choice, pulley overdrive/boost calculations and more.


Joe Blo Speed Shop billet blower, end plates and gear cover.


                                       6-71 and 8-71 blowers and end plates.


Blower Rebuilds

If your blower needs rebuilding we offer a complete rebuild service.

Replacing bearings and seals, setting up correct clearancing for best performance.

Repairs if any to stripped threads or cracks.

Ring Joe for a quote.




GM 6-53 SERIES straight rotor


53 Series GM Rootes blowers are originally found on diesel engines, the standard end plates do not have any bearings.   They only rely on oil pressure to support the rotor in the end plate.

When setting these blowers up for street use we recomend using our billet end plates and cover, they have bearings which enables them to be spun at higher rpm than on a diesel engine.




When using these end plates there are some minor modifications needed. These can be done by anyone who knows there way around a lathe, if not, we are only too happy to help.

We also make custom length snouts to for the 6-53 blowers.


53 Series Billet Gear Cover $275

53 Series Front End Plate $275

53 Series Rear End Plate $250


We can also custom make snouts to suite these blowers.







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