Carbon Fibre Drive Shafts




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If you are serious about your cars performance then you can't go past a carbon fibre drive shaft.

The weakest link in most cars is the drive shaft, and to strengthen it up often means increasing its weight.

Carbon drive shafts are the best of both worlds, Super strong and also light weight.

Low reciprocating weight is vital to fast engine responsiveness, just like lightened flywheels and crankshafts, it allows your engine to rev up quicker and make more power.

Some drag race teams have reported an improvement of .1 sec in their 60'times.


Some of the benefits are:


  • Can handle up to 5000 hp.
  • Average shaft weighs only 6lbs.
  • Strongest UNI joints available.
  • Custom made to your requirements.
  • Quick manufacturing time.
  • They also look tuff.


After filling out the spec sheet, PST will manufacture your drive shaft within 1-2 weeks.

Spec Sheet


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