Q. I want my injector hat in black. Are you able to do this?

A. Yes we can powder coat your injector hat and we do our own anodising, we can anodise the EFI plate and the injector butterflies in many colours.


Q. What ECU can I use with our system?

A. You can use any ECU. But we reccomend a fully programable ECU that lets you tune your system easily.


Q. Why do you recomend blanking 1 or 2 of the butterflies?

A. When you are driving on the street and want good throttle control, especially from a stand still, blanking 1 or 2 butterflies will reduce the air flow into the blower and wont cause the engine to be so snappy. The performance loss is minimal. If you want max HP it is something you will have to live with.


Q. Which of the 2 ports at the back of the base plate do I connect the fuel line to?

A. It doesnt matter which one you use, either will work the same, and the other one must be returned to the tank with a pressure regulator to maintain a constant pressure in the system.


Q. What size injectors do I use?

A. Go to the injector page on this website were there is a easy formula.


Q. How do I seal the electrical wires coming out the rear of the base plate?

A. After the wires have been passed, using a fuel resistant sealer, squeeze sealer completly through the base plate until it comes out of the other side, jiggle the wires around a bit to help remove any air pockets.


Q. Can I use a mechanical fuel pump instead of an electric pump?

A. Yes, so long as you have enough pressure and flow required for your engine requirments. Most EFI systems run approx 40-50 PSI constantly. If your mechanical pump can do this at idle and keep it there when under load it is OK. When purchasing electric pumps they are usually rated at what HP they can handle using pump gas.


Q. What throttle position switch (TPS) do I have to use?

A. Our TPS housings have been designed around the JBTPS, which we can supply. It is compatable with most ECU's.


Q. How do your Bug/Bird Filters secure onto the injector?

A. They simply slip over the front of the injector and then tighten 2 small grub screws which secure it.


Q. How do the BAU blanks and filters install?

A. Pass them in the injector from the base side and with the butterfly open or removed so you can see were they have to locate. Once located there is a tapped hole at the bottom of the butterfly frame and secure the blank/filter with the correct bolt. After inspection for butterfly clearance. Apply a fuel resistant sealer fully around the blank.

























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