EFI / Mechanical Blend Injection System


A sneak peak at our latest EFI design. (MORE PHOTOS COMING SOON)

Our hidden injection systems (JB001 & JB005) work great on street cars and were never intended for high horse power racing engines, they were purely meant as a neat system that gave you that mechanical look with EFI tunability.

Lately we have been getting more and more guys trying to achieve really high horse power. Even though our hidden systems can still make great power we thought what if we could improve it so even more power was possible.

What we have done is remove the EFI injectors from inside the injector hat to allow full air flow into the blower. This will allow full potential of your injector and blower combination.

Not only has this system freed up potential horse power but has also made is easier to set up EFI on a mechanical injector hat or mounting a fuel rail port system on a manifold.

Injectors are also easier to access for any repairs or servi

This system works with all forms of high horse power engines such as drag racing, burn out comps, tractor pulling, drag boats and lots more.

Designed for LS3 style short injectors.


Hat Injection


The EFI injectors are now fitted in our new EFI block and mounted neatly behind the injector hat or blower.

You have a choice of either 4 or 8 injector block.

Injectors are wired up and controlled via the ECU as normal.

Fuel is fed into the top block and a return port to connect to the tank or port block if used.

From the bottom port a hose connects to the mechanical distribution block on the injector hat which then connects to all the standard mechanical fuel system.

NOTE: Special nozzles and nozzle holders are needed, the standard units wont work. All the correct components are supplied with the kit.

4 Injector    (PART # JB009-4)    $850  Includes modified nozzles and special nozzle holders.

8 Injector (PART # JB009-8)     $950 Includes modified nozzles and special nozzle holders.


Port Injection


An 8 injector sequential block is used for port EFI injection.

This block lets each injector feed a specific cylinder, allowing ultimate fine tuning.

This block has 8 individual port lines which come directly off the EFI block and straight to the port nozzles.

 8 Injector Sequential Port (PART # JB009-8-S)   $975  Includes modified nozzles and special nozzle holders.

Note: Special nozzles and nozzle holders are needed for these systems to work. Kit is supplied with correct nozzles and nozzle bodies required.

Raw and black anodised in stock. Can be anodised any colour.
















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