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EFI/Mechanical Blend Sequential System


EFI/Mechanical Blend Fuel System

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  • EFI/Mechanical blend fuel system has been designed to easily adapt any blown engine to EFI.
  • If your manifold already has mechanical port fittings for the nozzles you can bolt this system on with in minutes.
  • There are two blocks that house 4 EFI injectors each. Each block mounts bolt directly to each side of the blower centre studs.
  • Each injector has a dedicated hose which runs to the cylinder port runner. This allows for individual sequential tuning of each cylinder for perfect control.
  • Were the hose connects to the manifold port it uses a mechanical nozzle and nozzle body, which has a deflector for better fuel spray pattern and direction.
  • The large nozzle size (.110″) is to allow maximum flow as the nozzle is mainly being used as an adaptor between the nozzle body and the hose. Tuning is now done via the ECU.
  • Comes as a complete kit, including 2 x 4 inj blocks, 8 x hoses, nozzles and nozzle bodies.
  • Black anodised in stock or can be custom anodized any colour.

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