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EFI/Mech Blend Hat Injection

4 Injector EFI/Mech Blend Injector Hat Kit

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This system has been designed especially for high horse power engines.

Unlike our hidden EFI systems this kit does not mount the injectors inside the injector hat. Allowing for maximum horse power that your hat/blower combination are capable of.

Our EFI/Mech blend systems control the fuel just like a barrel valve but electronically.

The EFI injectors are fitted into the block and can be mounted neatly behind the injector hat or blower.
Injectors are wired up and controlled via the ECU as normal.
Fuel is fed into the top block and a return port to connect to the tank or port block if used.
From the bottom side of the injectors a hose transfers the fuel to the mechanical distribution block on the injector hat and the standard mechanical lines and nozzles.

Another benefit of this product is ease of servicing or replacement of injectors.

See our latest PDF JB009 EFI pdf


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