Bug & Bird EFI kit

Bug & Bird Injector EFI plate style kit.


This kit allows you to fit 8 EFI injectors inside your Bug or Bird Injector.
Hiding all the injectors, wiring and fuel rails inside the injector hat.
Kit comes complete with one piece anodised billet fuel rail, fitting, o rings and bolts.

Fuel rail has a large 1″ bore.

The one peice fuel rail has eliminated some o-rings and potential leakage points.

Better porting of the fuel rail rear section has increased the fuel flow.

Injectors are inline to make fitting injector plugs easier and better air flow.

Increased air flow by radiusing all edges on the base plate.
Base plate is fully polished or black anodised.

The plate has an o-ring groove on the top side of the plate. No need for a gasket.
Detailed instructions included.
The JB001 base plate is 25mm thick (1 inch)
Enderle Bug Injector height is 130mm tall (5 inches)
Together a total of 155mm or just over 6″.
Enderle Bird Injector height is 150mm tall (6 inches)
Together a total of 175mm or (7 inches)
A lot lower than any carby/air cleaner set up.

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