///K-Style TPS Housing

K-Style TPS Housing

K-Style TPS housing – Designed to a replicate an Enderle K-Style barrel valve.

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Designed to a replicate an Enderle K-Style barrel valve. It has ports to mount check valves and fittings exactly like the real barrel valve. It looks so much like a barrel valve no body will be able to tell if it is EFI or mechanical injection.

When running an EFI system you must have a throttle position switch (TPS), this switch is connected to the throttle linkage and lets the computer (ECU) know where the throttle position is.

We designed this housing to hide the TPS switch inside and complete the overall look of the EFI system, after installation of the switch, the wiring coming out of the housing can be hidden inside braided hose.

The JB002K works the same as our JB002 housing, they have the same mounting and internal specifications. Only a different outer shape.

Can be supplied with or without check valves, also black anodised or polished finish.



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