Low Profile Kit

Low Profile Kit


If you have height restrictions this is your best option.

We have compiled everything you need to get your blown engine converted to EFI at the lowest possible height.


Included with kit

JB007 Inbug EFI kit fitted

TPS switch

JB002 Nitro Style TPS Housing

TPS Lever

TPS Turnbuckle adjuster

8 x Injectors matched to your horse power requirements

JB1W Injector Wire loom

Screen gasket


Choose Injector hat style

Billet injector (82mm tall)

Bug injector (130mm tall)

Bird injector(150mm tall)

Buzzard injector (165mm tall)


Optional Extras to choose from

Deck base of hat a further 15mm (9/16″). Not needed for Billet injector

Filters & Blanks

ECU, Haltech Elite 550 or 950

Electric EFI fuel pump

Boost referenced fuel regulator

Fuel filter


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