Plate Style Kits

Plate Style Kits



To save time we have compiled everything you need to get your blown engine converted to EFI.

Our original plate style was our first EFI kit that we designed over 15 years ago.

This kit will work with Bug, Bird, Buzzard and BAU injector hats.

Below is a list of parts included and optional extras available.


JB001 or JB005 Plate style EFI kit

JB002 Nitro Style or JB003 TPS Housing

TPS switch

TPS Lever

TPS Turnbuckle adjuster

8 x Injectors matched to your horse power requirements, JB005 requires 9 injectors. (up to 1000hp)

Injector Wire loom

Screen gasket

Optional Extras we can supply

Bug, Bird, Buzzard or BAU injector hat

Blanks & Filters

ECU, Haltech Elite 550 or 950

Electric fuel pump

Boost referenced  fuel regulator

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