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EFI/Mech Blend port injection

8 injector EFI/Mech blend block with sequential port tuning.

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This 8 injector sequential block is used for port EFI injection.
The block has a dedicated injector for each cylinder, allowing for ultimate fine tuning.
8 hoses come directly off the EFI block go straight to the port nozzles.

This system allows you to fit EFI port injection to any manifold very easily and quickly. Many manifolds come drilled for mechanical port nozzles as standard. Which makes converting to EFI very easy with the JB009-8-S.

Can also be used on stack injectors/tunnel rams with throttle bodies. Very quick and easy way to convert any manifold to EFI.
Note: Special nozzles and nozzle holders are needed for these systems to work. Kit is supplied with correct nozzles and nozzle bodies required.

Special mounting brackets available.
Black anodized in stock. Or can be anodized any colour.

See our PDF JB009 EFI pdf

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